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An assessment of behavioural and cultural change in the NHS
Lead: Michael West
Lancaster University Management School

High Quality Care for All promotes an NHS that is clinically-driven, patient-centred, responsive to local communities and - above all - focused on quality. Such espoused values are empty if they are not enacted by leaders and staff throughout the NHS. This research will identify the nature and extent of cultural and behavioural change in the NHS.

The study will use large-scale longitudinal national datasets as well as in-depth organisational case-studies, individual interviews, documentary and observational evidence. The focus is on the contexts, structures and processes that promote or impede quality care. Issues of leadership and clinical engagement in quality initiatives will therefore be central to the analysis. Importantly, we are also directly canvassing patients’ organisations’ perspectives on such changes and assessing their awareness of improvements in service quality. The research will therefore examine whether leaders and staff in the NHS are putting quality of patient care at the heart of everything they do. The study will identify effective strategies for accelerating change as well as enabling NHS leaders to celebrate success and spread good practice.

Last updated: 13 August 2013
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