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Competencies for "World Class Commissioning": the readiness of PCTs and PBCs
Lead: Angela Bate
University of Newcastle

The objectives of this project are to:

  • develop a model of the commissioning structures and processes, and the key relationships between commissioning entities within the NHS and involving other agencies, notably local authorities
  • examine commissioning performance against the standards embodied in commissioning guidance (such as the 'World Class Commissioning' competencies), and assess the use of frameworks and tools that have been developed to aid commissioning;
  • identify barriers and challenges to 'World Class Commissioning' and introduce change through participatory action research (PAR) to develop commissioning in line with the requisite competencies; and

  • evaluate and assess how other aspects of the health care reforms affect commissioning effectiveness and vice versa.

The research will be conducted in three phases to understand, develop, and evaluate commissioning practice. Phase I will use surveys and interviews to build a model of PCT commissioning practice, showing the key relationships involved in commissioning, the structures and processes that are used (including any specific tools), and assessing how well PCTs meet the competencies outlined in commissioning guidance. Phase II will use participatory action research, observing and working alongside the PCT to identify challenges to commissioning, and devise, implement, and review potential improvements. Phase III will repeat the surveys and interviews to evaluate how commissioning has changed over the time of the research.

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